Saturday, August 26, 2017

Episode 77 -The Question

Recorded: 25 August 2017
Released: 26 August 2017
Duration: 93 minutes 16 seconds

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Mandelbrot Set Crop Circle

Host Paul Carr welomes panelists Nick Nielsen and Sam Lichtenstein, who soldier on when Paul's Thunderbolt 3 hub crashes. They engage in a discussion of whether mathematics is discovered or invented. How does this apply to efforts to communicate with distant technological civilizations? Could math be used to establish a common language?


The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Mathematics in the Natural Science
The Mandelbrot Set Crop Circle Formation  by Joseph E. Mason
A Conversation with Edward Snowden (Part 1) (SETI at 33:00 and following)
Press Release: Carnegie Mellon Awarded $7.5 Million Department of Defense Grant To Reshape Mathematics


Host and Producer: Paul Carr
Music: DJ Spooky

Friday, August 11, 2017

Episode 76 - 2017 Summer hiatus non Episode

Recorded: 11 August 2017
Released: 12 August 2017
Duration: 100 minutes, 41 seconds

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Host Paul Carr welcomes Sam Lichtenstein, Patrick Festa, Nick Nielsen and Mike Bohler to mark the end of the Summer hiatus. Since this is a non-episode, we have no find agenda, so it ranges from the Kennedy assassination to astronomical anomalies.
We also play the short promo for Oh No Ross and Carrie


The Skeptics Guide to Conspiracy


Host and Producer: Paul Carr
Music: Dj Spooky