Buck Field

First appearance: Episode 3

John C. 'Buck' Field, (MBA, PMP) is sometimes called "The Smartest Guy in the Room." At age 12, he began university undergraduate computer science studies, and by 15 was writing commercial software for the oil and gas industry. The results gained the attention of IBM, where he applied Mandelbrot's ground-breaking fractal math to create predictive network load models, invented the company's first object-oriented service architecture, and led several business transformations.
Buck served as an Assistant Vice-President for FirstPlus, designed the world's most successful online financial system from scratch at Citigroup, advised the U.S. Department of Energy on strategic alignment for its high-energy physics program, provided risk assessments for NASA, and conducted research for the National Science Foundation and its Board on the Transformative Research Initiative.
In the early 2000's, Field began lecturing in North America, Europe, and Asia on science research administration. He created the first certification program to win approval by the Chinese Ministry of Education for teaching Project Management Institute's ANSI and ISO standards.
Field currently works at the intersection of information research and best-practices of management and leadership. He says: "My projects create systems which deliver information capability currently considered unachievable. It appears there exist reliable methods from some discipline able guide us to answers for any questions we can formulate clearly." Buck works actively in standards & training development from Aspen Colorado and Chilean Patagonia. He produces the Starship Vlog, exploring future R&D from a project management perspective.

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