Friday, March 20, 2015

What you need to participate

The Unseen Podcast is an open participation podcast - we want it to be possible for anyone who speaks English and is connected to the internet to participate. Expensive audio gear is not a requirement, and in fact will just get in your way unless you really know what you are doing. What we want you to focus on is the discussion itself, and the content you are bringing to it.


You obviously already have access to a computer if you are reading this, so we'll skip that. Almost any reasonably modern computer will do. I use a four year old MacBook Air, and it works just fine. See software below for what you will need to run on it. If you use a mobile device for the Hangout, please try to do it over WiFi.

You do not really need a webcam, but if you use one that is OK.

You will need a cheap pair of headphones or earbuds. Please do no use your computer speakers.

Ideally, you will not your computer's internal mic, since most of them sound awful. Unless you have access to a studio, please use a dynamic mic (if you have a studio, you don't need me to tell you what mic to use). There are quite a few dynamic mics on the market (I own two ATR 2100s from Audio Technica) for well under $100, and many of these plug straight into your computer's USB port. Pop screens and shock mounts are not expensive and can help quite a bit. you will probably want a desk stand or arm to hold the mic for you. 


You will need to be able to access Google Hangouts. You can probably use any of the popular browsers. Just log into G+, click on Events, and click "Join Hangout" when the hangout time comes up. That is it. Unless you are the host/moderator, you do NOT need to record the hangout. If you do need to record the hangout, we'll provide further support.

To listen to the podcast after it comes out the next day, just use your favorite pod catcher. Many people use iTunes for this, and we will be available on iTunes. I recommend PocketCasts for Android, but there are many others.

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