Friday, October 16, 2015

Episode 29 - I'm not saying it was Aliens

Recorded: 16 October 2015
But, It's Aliens!
Released: 17 October 2015
Duration: 101 minutes, 48 seconds

download the .mp3 audio file

Host Paul Carr welcomes panelists Adam Smith, Buck Field, James Garrison and Mike Bohler to talk about the recent very strange light curves and follow up observations reported by Tabitha Boyajian, et. al. that has been sensationalized in the mainstream media to "Alien Megastructures." Somehow this diverges (drink!) into a discussion of woo woo entertainment television and one of its most obnoxious personalities.



Music: Dj Spooky
host and Producer: Paul Carr
Panelists: Mike Bohler, Buck Field, James Garrison, Adam Smith
Hardware: Shure, ART, Behringer, Apple
Software: Google Hangouts on Air, Soundflower, Reaper, Line In, OS X Yosemite


  1. How did I know I'd see a picture of him when I followed the link from the podcast here? I must be a 'syckick'!

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  3. cockneyreject, you just might be an alien!

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