Friday, April 29, 2016

Episode 50 - Looking into the Near Future

Recorded: 29 April 2016
Released: 30 April 2016
Duration: 109 minutes, 48 seconds

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Host Paul Carr welcomes panelists Sam Lichtenstein, Adam Smith, Patrick Festa, and Mike Bohler to
Phillip Tetlock of the Good Judgment Project
talk about the human relationship with the near future: predictions, forecasts, prediction markets, and super forecasting. What do we get wrong, and what can we hope to get right? Our panelists offer their own forecasts.

What is YOUR prediction?


Philip Tetlock on Rationally Speaking
Tetlock's Book Superforecasting - log your forecasts - The Open Good Judgment Project
The Hypermind Prediction Market
PredictIt Prediction Market
Alpha Cast

Robin Hanson's idea of Futarchy


Sam Lichtenstein: SpaceX to Mars
The Red Supergiant Betelgeuse (alpha Orionis)
Paul Carr: SETI Detection
Adam Smith: UK Police with Face Recognition
Patrick Festa: Betelgeuse exploding by 2046
Mike Bohler: SpaceX on Mars before 2021


Host and Producer: Paul Carr
Panelists: Sam Lichtenstein, Adam Smith, Patrick Festa, Mike Bohler
Music: DJ Spooky
Hardware: Shure, Pro Art, Focusrite, Apple
Software: Reaper
Hosting: Libsyn
Betelgeuse: Aladin Sky Atlas

The Unseen Podcast is distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike license.

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