Saturday, June 3, 2017

Episode 74 - Exoplanet Atmospheres

Recorded: 2 June 2017
Released: 3 June 2017
Duration: 68 minutes 35 seconds

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Host Adam Smith welcomes Cambridge PhD student and Mars One astronaut candidate Ryan MacDonald, along with panelists Ciro Villa and Paul Carr. The main topic is exoplanet atmosphere science, but we also discuss Mars colonization.
Figure 11 from MacDonald and Madhusudhan


MacDonald and Madhusudhan: HD 209458b in New Light: Evidence of Nitrogen Chemistry, Patchy Clouds and Sub-Solar Water
Venus Express Searching for Life on Earth
Transmission Spectroscopy
HD 209458 b
Episode 69 on TRAPPIST-1

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Host: Adam Smith
Producer: Paul Carr
Music: DJ Spooky

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