Saturday, January 6, 2018

Episode 85 - Beyond Flags and Footprints

Recorded: 5 January 2018
Released: 6 January 2018
Duration: 97 minutes, 44 seconds

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Erratum: the 2017 Federal Budget is 4.1 Trillion dollars.

Host Paul Carr is joined by panelists Adam Smith, Nick Nielsen, Patrick Festa, and Buck Field to talk about the human return to the moon. It seems to boil down to: yes,, but who's going to pay for it? Maybe the Chinese? Maybe American or Asian billionaires? Somehow this drifts into discussion of flat Earthers and joke cults.



Artist's conception of lunar colony
Deep Space Gateway
Space Launch System

Thiel: Google has $50B, doesn't innovate  or the longer version: 2012 - Eric Schmidt and Peter Thiel - Debate
The Largest Companies by Market Cap
"There is a tide in the affairs of men."
Lava tubes as hidden sites for future human habitats on the Moon and Mars
Lunar lava tube
Budget of NASA

5 Whys
A Skeptic's Guide to Conspiracy
Ross and Carrie Traverse Flat Earth
Ross and Carrie Go Raelian
Church of the Subgenius
North Texas Church of Freethought



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