James Garrison

First appearance: Episode 5

Sometimes called "the biggest smartass in the room, " former bullrider and science nerd in school, James Garrison has a thing for bow ties. He graduated from Oklahoma State University in 2000 with a degree in Agriculture and a concentration in teaching. Since then, he's worked in a U.S.D.A. lab, gas stations, feedlots and farms, taught in a rather rough school for 6 months, and done animal control for a large city. He is also the head of the Oklahoma Skeptics Society, and the father of two kids with one on the way.
James has always had a love of science, especially biology and astronomy. His current plans, aside from global domination, are to work on a masters in Biology, get a job that doesn't involve risking his life every day, and not go insane more often than necessary to be involved in podcasting.

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