Sunday, March 29, 2015

Becoming a host

Here are roughly the steps. Any questions?
  1. Figure out how to record a hangout, or find another panelist who can do it for you. We will work up some detailed instructions for Mac soon, not sure about Windows or other platforms yet. Mix minus approaches will work on any platform, but you will need a mixer, and a digital recorder like a Zoom helps too. If you can't do any recording, then we will use a Hangout on Air, and let Google record it for us. Set up a plan for Hangout on Air, and invite the entire community to watch.
  2. Work with everyone else to generate a list of invitees and get deeply involved in topic discussions. Track the invitees responses, and make sure they know how to find the hangout.
  3. Be ready and checked out when the recording hangout starts. Start the hangout, invite the panelists in to the green room. Get everyone else settled in, and start recording. 
  4. Make sure everyone gets involved, and everyone gets their questions asked. If the discussion wanders into an area that stimulates interest, let it keep going. Otherwise, move it back on track. Let it go for at least an hour.
  5. Cut off the hangout, roughly level the audio, render it to a mono .wav file, zip the .wav file, and upload it to a designated folder, and send a link to the YouTube video to the producer. The producer will handle the post-production and posting.
  6. Submit a list of links and other material for the show notes.

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