About the Podcast

We don't believe there is any other podcast like this one. That is why we started the Wow! Signal, and it is why we have started the Unseen Podcast as an open, relaxed, stretched out conversation on the future of humanity and the search for life and meaning in the natural universe. We don't have many answers, but we have questions, and we hope to continue moving forward to better, wiser questions.

The Unseen Podcast is a spinoff of the Wow! Signal podcast, a speculative science podcast covering the quest for extraterrestrial intelligence, including our own, human extraterrestrial ambitions. The Unseen Podcast is its unscripted, unedited, commercial-free, open participation younger brother. Like the Wow! Signal, the content of the Unseen Podcast is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike.

Each episode, a host and a group of panelists (and sometimes a special guest) will gather for an hour or so and have an informal conversation about some topics we find interesting, or at least amusing. We generally let the conversation go where it will, although we do discuss the topics off the air for about 3 weeks in advance.

Anyone can participate in the Unseen Podcast. Panel sizes for a given episode will typically be 3-5 people, or may even be larger. Recording is Friday nights (with occasional exceptions), and the unedited podcast will be released the next day. We are actively addressing the problem of different time zones to encourage panelists from around the worlds to participate. The language of the podcast is English, but we encourage spinoffs in other languages.

If you want to participate, or you have questions, comments, corrections, criticisms, effusive praise, or a few extra Oxford commas you can donate, please e-mail us using the address unseenpodcast on the Google mail system. Please let us know if it is OK to read your e-mail on air and if so, how to pronounce your name.

The Unseen Podcast is distributed in 64 kbps (sometimes a higher rate when we have the space) mono .mp3 format, with loudness adjusted to the standard -19 LUFS, so you shouldn't need to fiddle with your volume control to hear us at the right level. You can subscribe using any respectable podcatcher software, including the app that comes on all iPhones. Although they don't pay us for it, we recommend Pocketcasts on Android.

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