Friday, April 10, 2015

Episode 2 - Mommy, Where Do Civilizations Come From?

Recorded: 10 April 2015
Released: 11 April 2015
Duration: 79 minutes, 58 seconds
Host: Paul Carr

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Host Paul Carr welcomes back Marsha Barnhart, Ciro Villa and Nick Nielsen (Patrick Festa joins us late in the show) for a wide-ranging, unscripted conversation. We talk about how the  peryton mystery may have been solved, Nick's work on the types of civilizations, current and future space propulsion technology, Fast Radio Bursts, the origin and evolution of life on Earth and elsewhere, and the Drake equation.



Produced and Engineered by: Paul Carr
Panelists: Marsha Barnhart, Nick Nielsen, Ciro Villa
Music by: Dj Spooky
Software: Soundflower, Reaper, LineIn, Google Hangouts, OS X
Hardware: Audio Technica, Behringer

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