Friday, January 29, 2016

Episode 41 - The Vision for Commercial Space

Recorded: 29 January 2016
Released: 30 January 2016
Duration:89 minutes, 8 seconds

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Host Paul Carr welcomes panelists Adam Smith, Mike Bohler, James Garrison and Patrick Festa to talk about Commercial Space. Was Gerard K. O'Neill's beautiful vision a fantasy, or a blueprint for the human future? The panel tries to hash it out in the light of recent successes by SpaceX, Blue Origin, and Sierra Nevada. we did't even get to Bigelow.


Falcon Heavy
Our Episode on Asteroid Mining
Questions on Asteroid Mining


Adam Smith: The Expanse
James Garrison: Camp Quest
Patrick Festa: Earth Unaware by Orson Scott Card
Paul Carr: The Tempest


Host and Producer: Paul Carr
Panelists: Adam Smith, James Garrison, Mike Bohler, Patrick Festa
Music: DJ Spooky
Hardware: Shure, Pro Art, Focusrite, Apple, Furman
Software: Chrome, Reaper, Loopback, Google Hangouts on Air
Postproduction: Auphonic
Hosting: Libsyn


  1. Good Podcast Paul. Have you done any podcasts dealing with Bigelow Aerospace Pods currently in orbit?

    1. Not directly, although we have mentioned them in passing.