Friday, March 18, 2016

Episode 47 - Science Based Everything

Recorded: 18 March 2016
Released: 19 March 2016
Duration: 103 minutes, 24 seconds

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Host Paul Carr is joined by panelists James Garrison, Mike Bohler and Nick Nielsen, for a wide ranging discussion about science, society, and the messy process by which science gets the money it needs to move forward. First, congratulations are in order for Pamela Gay and her Cosmoquest grant.

  • A completely unnecessary throwaway comment about Fantastic Voyage.
  • A brief update on the repeating Fast Radio Bursts and the (possible) negative detection of any FRB at LOFAR
  • A digression into shortwave radio and the number stations and the changes in maker culture
  • Alternative medicine can kill
  • Steven Novella's recent essay on the hijacking of Evidence Based Medicine and the difference maker by Science Based Medicine.
  • Clever Hans and Facilitated Communication
  • Recovered memories - Satanic Ritual Abuse and Alien Abductions
  • Smart, honest people can be taken in by con artists
  • Civility in Asia
  • The NECSS disinvitation to Richard Dawkins.
  • How Dawkins and Lalla Ward met.
  • The Tully Monster
  • Science Funding
  • Reaching people who don't care about science
  • Recommendations (see below)
  • Nagging, begging

Raquel Welch in
Fantastic Voyage

Fantastic Voyage

Pamela Gay's
Our 2015 Episode (Ep. 20) with special guest Pamela Gay

The Wow! Signal: Jason Hessels on Fast Radio Bursts

The Number Stations

Boy's Fatal Meningitis Treated with Home Remedies
Clever Hans
Clever Hans
Facilitated Communication
John Ioaniddis: Why Most Published Research Findings are False
Steven Novella: Evidence Based Medicine Has Been Hijacked
Our Episode with Bob Novella
Persiflagers' Infectious Disease Puscast

Jim Bakker is Indicted on Federal Charges

Witch Hunting
Roper: The European Witch Craze of the 16th and 17th Century

NECSS and Richard Dawkins
Peter Gabriel - Not One of Us lyrics
An Update on Richard Dawkins' Condition
Richard Dawkins and Lalla Ward - How We Met
Lalla Ward in Dr. Who

The Ancient Tully Monster

G. Catalano, et. al., Willingness to Pay for Basic Research
Nick Nielsen: The Social Context of SETI
Mike Mongo, The Astronaut Instruction Manual for Preteens
Google Balance Sheet
Apple Balance Sheet
Laurie Anderson, Lyrics to Big Science



James Garrison: George Hrab's Music
Lalla Ward and her husband
Mike Bohler: Nick Nielsen's Blog
Paul Carr: Galaxy Zoo


Producer and Host: Paul Carr
Panelists: James Garrison, Mike Bohler, Nick Nielsen
Music: DJ Spooky

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