Friday, May 13, 2016

Episode 51 - The Human Side of Space Development

Recorded: 13 May 2016
Released: 14 May 2016
Duration: 76 minutes, 20 seconds

Space Visionary Gerard K, O'Neill
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Host Paul Carr welcomes Liam Ginty of the Voices from L5 podcast and panelists David Grigg, Marsha Barnhart, and Patrick Festa to talk about the human side of Space Development: politics, economics, education, and the will to make things happen.


Voices from L5

O'Neill's Classic book The High Frontier
the NASA Budget
The ESA Budget

books by David Grigg


Marsha Barnhart: Bigelow
David Grigg: Full Moon by Michael Light
Patrick Festa: Get excited about the Juno Mission
Liam Ginty: The Astrosociology Institute
Paul Carr: Raspberry Pi


Host and Producer: Paul Carr
Panelists: Liam Ginty, David Grigg, Marsha Barnhart, and Patrick Festa
Music: DJ Spooky

The Unseen Podcast is distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License


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  2. The guy who asserted scientists know so much more than the general population also thinks the great depression in the US happened in the 1950’s. A PhD doesn’t make one all knowing about everything. A tool and die maker could round rings around the brightest PhD when it comes to die making. Getting into and living in space will take a team…
    Granted the person who made the comment wasn’t born in the US so I wouldn’t expect him to know when the US depression was unless he wants to use it in a discussion. This played into your point on how you approach the topic matters.