Saturday, August 15, 2015

Episode 19 - Mysterious Alien Worlds

Recorded: 14 August 2015
Released: 15 August 2015
Duration: 88 minutes, 52 seconds

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Host Paul Carr with Adam "Synergy" Smith, Ciro Villa and Patrick Festa discuss some recent
Artist's conception of 51 Eridani's Jupiter like planet
discoveries in the exoplanet world, neutrino astronomy, gravity waves, the names of exoplanets, and other things.

We apologize for all the background noise during the hangout. We'll try to improve on that in future.


WASP-47: A Hot Jupiter System with Two Additional Planets Discovered by K2
Astronomers Glimpse a Young Jupiter
Circumbinary exoplanet Kepler 453b
Interview with Planet hunting legend Geoff Marcy.

Ice Cube sees highest energy neutrino ever found

The Machine Readable Bonner Durchmusterung
The Planetary Habitability Lab - The Habitable Exoplanets Catalog

The Wow! Signal


Host and Producer: Paul Carr
Panelists: Adam Smith, Ciro Villa, Patrick Festa
Music: DJ Spooky

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