Friday, September 11, 2015

Episode 24 - Define Panspermia

Recorded: 11 September 2015
Released: 12 September 2015
Duration: 114 minutes, 36 seconds

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Host Paul Carr welcomes Patrick Festa, Buck Field, James Garrison, and Adam "Synergy" Smith for
a discussion of the latest ideas of panspermia, or how life might migrate between planets or even between stars. The latest paper by Lin and Loeb is brought up. The discussion morphs into one about the history and philosophy of science and then back to panspermia.

Erratum: HIV is actually a Lentivirus, which is an RNA virus that carries with it the enzymes necessary to make DNA in the host cell.


Lin and Loeb: Statistical Signatures of Panspermia in Exoplanet Surveys

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Host and Producer: Paul Carr
Panel: Patrick Festa, Buck Field, James Garrison, and Adam "Synergy" Smith
Music: DJ Spooky

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